SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN (5 to 13 years)

Is your child:

  • refusing to go to bed?
  • taking a long time to fall asleep?
  • needing your help to get them to sleep?
  • having night time fears and worries?
  • having nightmares?
  • sleeping in your bed?
  • waking in the night?
  • bedwetting?
  • waking too early?
  • tired and grumpy and struggling at school?

There are many different types of sleeping problems in this age range, and for some, the patterns are strikingly similar to adults with insomnia.

We offer separate treatment programs for younger (5-8 yrs) and older children (8-13 yrs). The main difference is we provide cognitive therapy for older children, particulary those with night time worries, or unhelpful beliefs about sleep that counterproductive to getting a good nights' sleep.

Each program aims to help children to learn to sleep better, by themselves, in their own bed.


Other types of sleep disorders

Apart from the sleep problems listed above, children can also experience types of sleep disorders that can be treated with medical interventions. These disorders include sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, and restless legs. We recommend contacting the Women's & Children's Hospital for children with these disorders (ph: 8161 6037).