SOMNIA places great importance on using evidence-based treatment methods and we specifically tailor treatment programs to each individual and/or family in a collaborative manner. This means we wont be pushing you to do something that you are not comfortable with, and we will provide you with a clear rationale for anything we recommend.

For children (aged 7+ years), adolescents, and adults we largely use cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques. This involves: i) education about sleep, ii) behaviour therapy (e.g., changing behaviours around bedtime, bright light therapy), and iii) cognitive therapy (changing our thinking about sleep, mindfulness). We are also able to assist with issues related to the sleeping problem, such as anxiety, anger or depression, as well as behaviour problems.

For infants and children (under 7 years), our focus is on education and behaviour therapy. We have various techniques, tailored to each family, that we can assist parents with. You will find more information in our 'Sleep Disorders' tab above.

The first session is a detailed assessment of the current sleeping problem and any other associated difficulties, and we discuss in detail background information and medical history. Individuals or parents will be asked to complete a 7-day sleep diary to monitor their sleep patterns in the lead up to the first appointment. Treatment is then tailored to each individual client in a collaborative manner. Each treatment session lasts approximately 50 minutes.



SOMNIA is able to provide tailored presentations and workshops on sleep problems and treatments for all age groups. We have previously presented to parents, students, teachers, General Practitioners, as well as at conferences. Please contact us to find out more information about this service.